Bus Rapid Transit in Penang

One of the most important early programs to create in Penang, and particularly in the first instance in George Town, will be to devise a system in which people who wish to come to the city for reasons of work or other will have a high quality, affordable alternative to using their own car. The immediate model to be examined and adapted has come to be known by the name of BRT or Bus Rapid Transit. It is an approach with many variations, which need to be adapted to the specifics of the city served. The basic idea is simplicity itself: namely to create priority lanes for public transport and services which offer more than competitive advantages to private cars.

taiwan taipei BRTPenang will not have to invent such a system from scratch.  Happily there is a rich background of experience  in  cities around the world and also in Asia.  By way of background information,  we  here draw your attention to a presentation  of international experience and lessons learned from projects in many parts of the world by  a foremost authority in the field,  Professor Geetam Tiwari of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD).  There is already interest in Penang in such services , and now is the time to  turn that interest into reality.

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