Sustainable Penang Roadmap

magnifying glassThis website has three main functions: (a) Platform:  to provide an open platform for collaborative communication on the target program; (b) Network:  outreach and linking to extend the number and range of people and organizations interested to follow progress here, and (c) Reference: a reference resource to serve planners, policy makers, NGOs, academics, students, environment and transport user groups, neighborhood organizations and others wishing to follow the SP/NM project over 2013-2015.  The entire site and reference system has been laid out to serve both local partners and readers in Penang and Malaysia, as well as  international readers interested to inform themselves and follow the development of this original and in many ways exemplary three-year project in Penang.

To take them in order (content as per 28 April 2014):

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Malaysia’s Ecological Footprint

Malaysia’s Ecological Footprint is 3.90 global hectares per capita.

If everyone had the same Ecological Footprint as the average citizen of Malaysia:

  • the world’s Ecological Footprint would be 40% larger
  • we would need to half our Ecological Footprint in order to stay within sustainable environmental limits

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