Building on a Firm Base: Recent Advances & Accomplishments in Penang

Fortunately the kinds of pattern-break initiatives that are the core of the Sustainable Penang: New Mobility Program are not altogether unfamiliar in Penang intersectionPenang. Over the last decade various agencies and groups have started to think about transportation and environment in different ways, and not only in the abstract.

Here is a shortlist of some of the more innovative related pattern-breaking initiatives already in place and starting to make a visible difference on the streets of Penang. Projects like these do not only change what is happening on the streets but they also, one by one, start to change people’s minds about the city and what they can achieve through  their own actions and choices, our most important objective. *

  1. Penang Civil Society 
  2. Think City 
  3. UNESCO World Heritage Site  
  4. Car Free Days
  5. Mitchel Report- Universal Right to Mobiliity
  6. Penang Transport Council
  7. Rapid Penang
  8. CAT shuttle bus service
  9. Penang Bridge Express Shuttle Transit (BEST) 
  10. First Park-And-Ride programs 
  11. Penang Bicycle Route Master Plan,
  12. Cycle paths 
  13. STEP – Sustainable Transport Envirnment in Penang (1998)
  14. STOP — Sustainable Transport Options for Penang (2006) 
  15. Placemaking in Penang (report) 
  16.    One-way streets in Pulau Tikus
  17.    Symposium on State and Sustainability of the Environment
  18.    Penang Transport Master Plan Strategy
  19.    Supporting Institutional Structure

These are very different initiatives, difference in kind, size, visibility and cost. Moreover this list of pattern-breaking innovations is far from complete.But what they have in common is that they are showing that there are ways, there are alternatives to bringing New Mobility to Penang. The proposed 2014/15 program is setting out to build on and expand these leadership examples that Penang has already begun to advance and gain experience with.

The New Mobility Agenda is in fact already well underway. In Penang we have a solid base to build on. But there is still a great deal that needs to be done.

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* Further information and these projects and programs is available  and he currently in progress  final report.

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