Sustainable Penang Phase 2: Implementation (2014/15)

malaysia penang bike street markingThe 2014 objective is to identify, prepare and implement specific reforms and projects that can be brought online and already start to show results in the year ahead. (Time horizon as selected by State Government for near-term measures and reforms set out in Transport Master Plan Strategy.)

The key implementing agencies will be the State Government and the two Municipal Councils – MPPP  and MPSP — coordinating with the Penang Transport Council. The project is accompanied by Think City and supported by the International Advisory Network of EcoPlan International and World Streets. The key lies in the active engagement of Civil Society Partners in Penang (NGOs, universities, researchers and consultants, media, bloggers, local associations, concerned citizens).

– – > See full Executive Summary at

Next Steps:

  1. Executive Summary: Broad distribution this document both within Penang and beyond.
  2. Internal Reviews: . . . of Interim Report and comments from organizations and individuals involved in this collaborative brainstorming process over the last months.
  3. External reviews . . .  from cooperating international readers, NGOs and agencies
  4. Prepare/Initiate projects: The Focus Groups brainstormed,  identified and discussed close to 100 eventual project and program initiatives (See Table of Ideas in Annex D) , most of them low cost, specifically needed and capable of being brought online within a year or less. The particularity of these initiatives is that each is a learning system. It is these projects that constitute the soul of the New Mobility Agenda for Penang. (The previous page shows a selection of projects identified by the Focus Groups and shortlisted with a view to getting the 2014 project underway in the months immediately ahead.)
  5. Reporting procedures:  The “Journal of Record” for the project is the Sustainable Penang/New Mobility website at To ensure that you receive all information on projects and progress over the year, it is suggested that you go to the site and sign in (upper right) to receive efficiently weekly updates on progress.
  6. Monthly Reviews/Progress Reports: To be held at Think City, inviting all people and groups actively involved or wishing to follow the projects. Report posted on Journal of Record.
  7. Interim 2014 Symposium/Progress Report: We propose that in the third quarter of 2014 a Public Symposium be organized, bringing together all of those involved in the project from its inception in summer 2013, to review and comment on progress and proposed next steps. A good occasion for this important event might be in conjunction with Penang’s 2014 World Car Free Day celebrations.
  8. 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Transport Strategies for Smaller Asian Cities. This international conference presently under discussion will provide an opportunity for Penang to receive teams from smaller Asian cities that are facing and trying to deal with many of the same sustainable transport challenges, and at the same time provide an opportunity for the Penang team to report on progress in their own efforts since mid-2013.

Contact Think City. Mr. Duncan Cave. E. Tel: +604 222 6800

Contact Ecoplan:  Prof. Eric Britton   E.   Tel: +336 5088 0787

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