Public Bicycle Sharing System in Penang : Request for Proposals

Request for Proposal (RFP )

In line with the state government to make Penang as a state of cycling in Malaysia, Penang car free sundayMalaysia , Penang Municipal Council (MPPP ) again in collaboration with the State Government has proposed to provide  a Bicycle Sharing System) in Penang.  Indeed, Penang has moved a step forward compared to other states in terms of the provision of bike paths and initiatives to encourage cycling , bike sharing system is believed to be a significant evolution in the public transport system in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

The following text has been machine-translated and lightly edited from the original call for proposals of this date, which is in Malaysian. The translation is functional for first information purposes but not  entirely accurate.

Bike Sharing System is a bicycle rental service where bicycles are available for use in shared and self-service for short trips . The system consists of a number of bike-related , bicycle racks , kiosks , service stations and a network of automated systems . Bike-sharing system is also to promote cycling as an alternative transport ( mode of transport) healthy and environmentally friendly compared to motor vehicles for the civil servants , private employees , visitors , the public and others.

In addition, this system also reduces the carbon footprint, traffic jams in the city of George Town , noise pollution , air pollution and promote healthy living . Bike Sharing Systems have been successfully demonstrated in Europe , USA, China , Japan and other countries . We believe the application of similar systems can help to make the Penang State Cycling Initiative successful .

This project focuses on the World Heritage Site of George Town and the surrounding area. George Town has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2008 . The proposed site is a strategy in which the interactions are formed through business activities , housing , tourism , religion , offices, government affairs and so on . In addition , the proposed site is also rich in cultural values​​, religion, nationality, architectural desig , history and so on .

Council invites ‘ Request For Proposal ‘ (RFP ) for the project ‘ Plan, Prepare and Operate a Bicycle Sharing System in Penang . Tenderers may submit their proposals based on two alternatives approaches, namely

Alternative A – Based on the recommendations / conceptual ideas proposed by the Council
Alternative B – Based on the tenderer’s own proposal

It is recommended for companies / bidders who are interested to implement a bike sharing system perform an independent assessment of the needs of society, economy , technology , logistics issues , the service , the challenges faced and the like.

The tender is open to companies registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM ) or organization registered with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS ) . Any parties interested in participating in open tenders must attend a briefing about the Premier Room , Komtar on 06/01/2014 . Applicants must be registered with the e- peroblehan Penang state government through for participation and need to download the document Request For Proposal ( RFP ) from the same website with an online fee of $ 50 . The deadline for submission of tenders is 12 noon on 05/04/2014 .

The Council welcomes the participation of all parties as well as cooperation between the private sector and the public sector to carry out the project “Plan, Prepare and Operate Public Bicycle Sharing System in Penang “.

Penang PBS map

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