The Weekly Carnage (An initiative for Penang)

USA NYC taxi accidentStreetsblog in New York City does an excellent job of providing a regular  Friday round-up of motor vehicle violence across the five boroughs of New York City. This is a great idea for Penang. For more on the origins and purpose of this column, please click to About the Weekly Carnage. (You can be sure that the Streetsblog team will help you in building your own site and reporting system. See below for details.)

About The Weekly Carnage

Every Friday morning, The Weekly Carnage tallies up and presents the previous seven days’-worth of motor vehicle mayhem from around the region: death, injuries and property damage. This is a grim and depressing task. But we do it because by drawing attention to the scope of the problem of the death and destruction caused by automobiles, we hope to also draw attention to the solution: pursuing policies that cause people to reduce the amount they drive, while promoting mass transit, walking and cycling.

Car crashes are typically isolated events with limited resonance beyond the few people involved and their loved ones. Yet they are a pervasive societal problem that goes undetected by the collective consciousness precisely because they are so frequent. This column will hopefully chip away at public apathy about automobile-related death and destruction.

– – > Here is a snapshot of the problem.

The Weekly Carnage

Posted: 08 Nov 2013 12:05 PM PST

Candida Acosta was fatally struck in Mott Haven by a driver who witnesses said was speeding and ran a stop sign. After striking Acosta, the motorist drove onto a sidewalk and hit a building. No charges were filed. Photo: Daily News

Fatal Crashes (3 Killed This Week; 177 This Year; 15 Drivers Charged*)

  •  Fort Greene: Lucian Merryweather, 9, Struck on Sidewalk by Driver Who Also Hit His Brother, 5, and Woman in Crosswalk; Driver Charged With Assault and Homicide (Streetsblog)**
  •  Wakefield: Derrick Callender, 32, Run Down on Sidewalk by Minivan Driver Who May Have Been Trying to Strike Another Person; Driver Charged With Murder (StreetsblogDNA)**
  •  Mott Haven: Candida Acosta, 74, Struck by SUV Driver Who Witnesses Said Was Speeding and Ran Stop Sign Before Jumping Curb; No Charges (Streetsblog)**

A pedestrian was hospitalized after being struck by a taxi driver on the West Side Highway. Photo: DNA

USA NYC taxi accidentA pedestrian was hospitalized after being struck by a taxi driver on the West Side Highway. Photo: DNA

Injuries, Arrests, and Property Damage

  • § Hunts Point: Woman Struck, Seriously Injured; CIS Requested (DNA@NYScanner)
  • § Murray Hill: Cab Driver Jumps Curb, Injures at Least One Pedestrian (Streetsblog)**
  • § Edenwald: Sanitation Worker Hits Train Stanchion, Is Ejected From Truck, Which Runs Him Over (News)
  • § West Village: Pedestrian Hospitalized After Cab Driver Hits Him on West Side Highway (DNA)
  • § Midtown: UPS Truck Driver Hits Cherry Picker, Knocking Down Workers Stringing Holiday Lights (Post)
  • § Crown Heights: Pedestrian Struck, Seriously Injured; CIS Requested (@NYScanner)
  • § Mott Haven: Four Injured After Driver Hits Pole, Flipping Car; Driver Charged With DWI (WABC, Post)
  • § Midwood: Off-Duty NYPD Officer Struck, Seriously Injured; CIS Requested (@NYScanner)
  • § Grasmere: Drunk Driver Crashes Head-On Into Car, Totaling Both Vehicles (Advance)
  • § Ozone Park: Off-Duty MTA Bus Driver Arrested for Drunk Driving (Advance)
  • § Tottenville: Driver With Suspended License Nearly Hits Police Officer (Advance)

*Based on latest available reports
** Incident in which a vehicle left the roadway

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About Streetsblog:

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