Recommendation: Lead by Example (Draft for comment)

In this case, the elected officials and all senior administrative personnel malaysia penang mail boxundertake to travel to work one day a week by some means of transportation other than a private car. This constraint will be either something decided by a farsighted political leader, or otherwise the result of strong electoral pressure from a number of public interest groups who get together to ensure that this will be part of the electoral victory package.  It could work like this.

On one day each week these public servants will undertake to travel to work by each of the following measures:

  • Public Transportation
  • Bicycle
  • Taxi
  • Walking
  • Ride-sharing/carpooling
  • Rental car (24 hour contract)
  • Trishaw

The idea is that each of these trips should take place under “normal transportation circumstances” exactly as our enjoyed by the citizens of the city in their day-to-day lives. In each case there should be a requirement to vary the routes is so that the traveler is exposed to a wide range of conditions.

The proposal makes no particular recommendations as to what is to be done with the results of these weekly trips, with the thought that what is learned in the process of “shared citizen experience” will be self-evident.

How is the performance on this measure to be monitored and thereby guaranteed? This could be the form of an open  public reporting process through the city’s communication channels to its citizens. It might be expected that these results will also be reported by the press and other communications channels of the public interest groups of behind this proposal.

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This is the first of what promise at this point to be eventually more than 30 provisional conclusions and recommendations that are solely, at least in these initial drafts, the idea and responsibility of the author. They are being floated here in this provisional form in the hope that they will generate  comments, suggestions and eventual modifications and revisions as required.

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