Penang 2014 Traffic Safety Campaign (With Teeth)

Proposal for discussion in Focus Groups – 27 September 2013

Malausia road deaths 2013 - small“If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”. That is true when it comes to transportation reform as anywhere else.  So in order to reinforce the move toward sustainable transport what should be the one  thing we decide to commit for measure?

Too many too ambitious  targets and we are lost. So let’s simplify and concentrate. What about picking one keystone project to be committed and  implemented by the highest levels of state government and making that a major program supported by a vigorous public information open data program for citizen inspection and confirmation?

Let’s see if we can find one that will bring with it significant advances in other priority areas. Something for example that will have significant impacts on fuel consumption, the economy, health, safety, quality of life, the environment and, yes, even climate.. Something that visibly advances the cause of democracy and social solidarity. Something that inspires key players to stand up and take their full part.  Something that will give public confidence in the fact that their interests are being protected by a government really cares. Something that we can target, publicly announce, commit to . . .   and then actually accomplish.

Here is a proposed target for 2014: Cut motor vehicle fatalities and life-altering accidents by 10%..  There is certainly plenty of room for improvement. The WHO figures show that Malaysia as a whole with on the order of 8,000 traffic deaths annually is far too high up on the list of dangerous places to be on the road.

Such an announced target could be met. The good news is that this level of reductions  or something very much like it has already been achieved in countries that care, and that information is readily available to you. You will have strong national and international support for a serious program and government commitment.

There is every reason that this program should be supported by one or more of the major insurance groups as well as leading industrial and financial groups that are committed to the well-being of Penang and all those who live there.

* For additional coverage of  safety and accident issues here , you are invited to click to

 traffic accident death Penang -2 The Streets of Penang

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What you have here  is one of a series of  short discussion papers   presented to  the various Focus Groups   for their  consideration, discussion and  eventual recommendations –setting out some ideas for eventual projects and initiatives  as part of  a longer-term  commitment to  a Sustainable Penang/New Mobility  Initiative.  This proposal was met with considerable interest and it is to be hoped that in the coming months  it will receive  the level of attention  it deserves.

Incidentally, the expression “life altering injuries”  refers to  accidents after which  the daily life of the victim  and their families  is transformed as never before.  It is not clear  at this early point if the present statistical  procedures correspond with  this category .   However once the decision  is taken by the appropriate levels of government  it should be quite possible to  build this into the statistical apparatus.  After all, this is been done in other  places.

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