Ten Targets for Sustainable Penang: 2013/2014

The goal of this year’s Sustainable Penang Autumn 2013 project is to see if we can use the dialogues maylasia - street art childrenand other contacts in order to define a series of at least ten “transformative actions” that can be planned and carried out over the fifteen months following this first program. With an eye to then reviewing progress, measure by measure, action by action, in a second event to take place in Penang in the opening months of 2015. A sort of open progress report and collaborative reflection for next steps.

Now the actual selection of these projects/targets will be the stuff of the Focus Groups,  Open Dialogues, Master Classes, and other events planned for the period 23 September – 6 October. But to get the ball rolling, here are some of the broad targets that I for one have in mind as we continue our preparations in the weeks ahead.

It goes without saying that to achieve these ambitious but oh so necessary goals, we will not be looking for a measure or project that will suffice to do the job. But once we have broad agreement on the importance of the target, the real work can begin in figuring out how to get there.

We invite your comments and additions to this preliminary list.

 Vision – Strategy – Targets – Actions

  1. Reduce traffic accidents by 10% in the first year of an innovative, hard-punching Penang Emergency Road Safety program.
  2. Significantly reduce top speeds on all city streets (Consistent speeds within entire delineated area)
  3. Reduce traffic congestion today (While being sure your measures are going to reduce traffic congestion tomorrow)
  4. Engage police as top-line New Mobility Partners for a Sustainable Penang
  5. “Free” “Public Transport” for Penang (Examine the concept and its ramifications)
  6. Reduce stop-and-start driving
  7. Reduce number of cars coming into city
  8. Reduce barriers inhibiting fair mobility for the handicapped
  9. Design for Women (and thereby improve access for all)
  10. Walk/Bike  to School programs
  11. Get control of parking
  12. Make Penang a Walkable City
  13. Increase bicycle use by a factor of two in 2014)
  14. Treat motorized two/three wheelers as a mode and optimize it for efficiency and safety for all.
  15. Counter-flow cycling lanes

Now your candidates?

Thank you

# # #

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2 thoughts on “Ten Targets for Sustainable Penang: 2013/2014

  1. 1. There has to be a determined effort to reclaim the 5-ft ways in the city.
    2. I don’t think a 50% reduction of accidents is realistic. If we can just halt the increase the number of accidents in 2014 it will be a major achievement.
    3. MPPP has to come up with a coherent and comprehensive parking policy.
    4. “Free” public transport may be a viable short term palliative, but another alternative is for the government to give out transport subsidies for school children, pensioners and the elderly. The federal government is not supportive of the ‘free transport’ idea, according to the CM, but a subsidised season ticket for the deserving may be more acceptable.


  2. I believe two/three wheelers is the best to be promoted in Penang. Two wheelers don’t consume the space as much as private cars. Recently, I just saw how it was done quite right in Taipei, Taiwan.

    It is real nice to promote both public transport and two wheelers in Penang.
    Hope that penang could be a a good example for the rest part of Malaysia in reducing private car dependency. .



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