Master Class on Sustainable Transport Planning and Policy for Penang

malaysia - penang think city porch

It’s official. The joint project of Think City and New Mobility Consult has been formally signed and will take place this year from 23 September to 4 October in George Town, Penang.

Stay tuned to World Streets ( and Sustainable Penang ( for more in the coming days.

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One thought on “Master Class on Sustainable Transport Planning and Policy for Penang

  1. Comment by Paulo Pezzotta,

    Sent: Thursday, 25 July, 2013 20:40
    To: F. E. K. Britton. EcoPlan Int’l
    I like the feel of the process you describe for Penang.

    I would add explicitly in the initial set of project dimensions you list that your team’s approach will develop (what I ordinarily call) a value-based/local-market based, financing plan/strategy/program.

    In addition, I would recommend an enterprise strategy. This is far more than an implementation plan.

    This is not a term that means privaye sector. The pvt sector will not cut it on its own. It needs govt as part of the business and as one of the gainers earned for the part of the enterprise it has contributed or contributes.

    The enterprise plan or enterprise itself, includes operations as well as design and finance. This will inevitably make your transport strategy truly multi-sectorally integrated out of necessity-meaning gains are generated by several sectors AND all pay

    This will identify a site-based derivation of value gained and consequent cost borne.

    All value is local, and therefore the money is there locally to build and operate the system

    All (meaning ALL) users (meaning sites) pay based on their site gains

    This will then be market-based by definition

    This is seen by me as a facility or modal network financing plan.

    I will send you my proposal for the conversion of transport to a utility format for a more comprehensive approach to financing the comprehensive network

    I am happy to provide details if your team would like




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