International Advisory Council (Working draft)

NewMob CouncilWorking DRAFT

[29 June 2013 note on working draft.  In two parts: (a)  in-process listing which follows, and (b) background section entitled “About the Council”.  The latter is based on original explicatory notes for Council, written in 2005, and in the process of being completely overhauled for Penang. In the meantime you can view the latest working text here.]

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Mission Statement (Working draft)

Malaysia, GeorgetownSay good-bye to Old Mobility

“Old Mobility” – with its drumbeat stress on steadily increasing supply, more vehicles, higher speeds, longer distances and more infrastructure as the auto-pilot, unexamined  answer to our city mobility problems — has been the favored path for decision-making and investment in the sector over the last 70 years. It is well-known and easy to see where it is leading.  Aggressing the planet, costing us a bundle, draining the world’s petroleum reserves, and delivering poor service for the transport majority.  It’s time to learn from the best of the rest, the several hundred cities, many of them in Europe, that are showing the way for the rest.

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